Northern California's Only 
Full Service Fencing Showroom

​Ultra Fencing takes pride in the wide range of options we offer for residential and commercial fencing. We are one of the only fencing companies in the northstate to offer a full service showroom to help customers visualize the variety of fencing types and styles we provide. Select from chain link or custom wood and vinyl fences as well as high quality iron fencing. If you prefer galvanized and vinyl-coated chain link options or the durability of our high quality vinyl, Ultra Fencing has just what you need to fit your property or home. Our experienced professional team can even design and install your fence for your backyard, ranch or business. After your free estimate, our fencing professionals will work with you to ensure your fence looks great and meets the needs of your business or home. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting your fencing needs in Shasta, Tehama, Glenn, and Siskiyou Counties.




Wood Fencing

Ultra fencing starts with the best quality wood you can buy - It is a simple combination that has proven successful for years.


Wood Fence Styles

Solid Board Fences

The most common fence in California is a solid Cedar Privacy Fence. Ultra Fencing uses premium pressure treated posts, premium Cedar Boards and 3- Rails (highly recommended). Steel post is also an option for a quality cedar fence. All posts are set in sixty pounds of wet concrete
At Ultra fencing we use 1x8, 1x6,1 X12 cedar fence boards, with or without 2x8 or 2x12 pressure treated kickboards, depending on what is needed. The boards are side by side, and can alternate the sections with the frame side showing and a smooth boarded side showing. An alternating panel fence is known as the "good neighbor" fence (usually when the neighbors pitch in equally to pay for it). 

Dog Ear or Straight Fences

Dog-Ear or Straight style board fencing is perhaps the most common style of fence. We use 1x8, 1x6 or 1X12 boards, with or without kickboards, depending on whether dirt or rock needs to be retained. The boards are set side-by-side and are nailed or screwed on each board. 

Board on Board

At Ultra Fencing we use 1x8 or 1x6  fence boards, picture framing style (1x1 stops that run along top and bottom of the frame on both sides of the boards), 2x8 brown pressure treated, or 2x12 brown pressure treated kick boards, and we frame with solid 2x4's, compared to a board with a dado, or hollowed out rail used by many contractors.

The board on board fence is an excellent privacy fence. The pattern overlaps approximately one inch on each side, which means that over time as the boards naturally shrink, no gaps develop.  It's an added expense, but draws rave reviews from your neighbors. 

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